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Network Marketing is a legal trade which is developing rapidly globally and millions of people are active in this trade. Consumers of products and services can be active in this trade according to their abilities and time limits, ...

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Why Network

Have you thought that if you could not go to your workplaces what will happen? Or can you travel for a month's period without having the risk and fear of losing your income and job? Or , unless there is a financial crises, ...

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Who Are
Our Customer

Website package which is presented by Biroke  Company is one of the most modern, simplest, strongest and most unique systems of running websites, and it responds %95 of demands by world market's customers.

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Nowadays, internet and its uses and implications have become one of the major needs in the life of the individuals and the number of the users are increasing day after day . Internet has been a great assistant for people ...

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Why Our Company ?

Through utilizing from three main factors, Our Company has simplifies the work method and success of its members:

  • Through utilizing from the experience of sincere persons in networking marketing, useful and strong training system. With full belief in team-work and group-working, it tries to make proper ground so that sales representatives can succeed in this trading more easily and more rapidly. 
  •  Presenting different types of useful products, which accordingly made selling products easier and members can initiate with their work everywhere without having any obstacles, extra spending and they will not have any problems in delivering products and services. Our products which are presented at the beginning are among the best ones and have big markets all over the world.
  • Bonus plans are designated in accordance with legal and ethical principles, and present the most bonuses for active persons.  Bonus plans are designed in such a style that receiving bonuses are through activities and work method, and not via participation period. Several multiple strong bonus plans are offered for making big advantages.   Read more