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As the company's administrative staff and company's employees, we try to offer services to our customers and Independent Sales Representatives in modern and scientific styles and as much are needed, and we always try to have sincere and fair contacts with all members.

We try to inform Independent Sales Representatives on the latest developments and decisions by the company. We always try to be compatible with the developments, and changes.  We try to be pioneers, and positively and openly listen to your criticisms and suggestions. We try to eliminate weak points. With believe in team-work and group-work, we try to create a stronger group in which always to offer better services.

The opportunity which our company provided is not necessarily means anyone who are working in this sector to be successful get incomes.

In fact, Independent Sales Representatives themselves according to their own abilities, experience, and work style can succeed as Independent Sales Representatives in this network marketing. The company will take any responsibility about understanding levels of customers or Independent Sales Representatives on bonus plans, products and services, and before making decisions  they should get information on bonus plans, products and services or activities of Independent Sales Representatives.

Some website links are set in this website, the company is not responsible for the content of   any topic or information in such websites and the aim of putting these links are just for guidance.

Activity methods in every country are identified according to laws and conditions of sale in  that country, thus in some countries some changes may happen in the prices and work styles.

This right is safeguarded for the company to make changes in bonus plans, conditions,  and products according to necessity and general interest, without prior return to perspectives by Independent Sales Representatives.   

Information which is obtained from customers and Independent Sales Representatives like, names, email, phone numbers etc. are kept secret by the company and it is only for keeping their rights and personal data are not used for any other purposes.