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Protection of customer information


Information which is obtained from customers and Independent Sales Representatives like, names, email, phone numbers etc. are kept secret by the company and it is only for keeping their rights and personal data are not used for any other purposes. 

We kniow security and privcy one important to you , our priority to make strong security andd give you confidence that your information is safe and accessiblewhen you need it .


  • Network Marketing

    Network marketing is a new method of presenting products and services in which customers play the most roles and participate in the distribution process.

    Network Marketing is a legal trade which is developing rapidly globally and millions of people are active in this trade. Consumers of products and services can be active in this trade according to their abilities and time limits, and accordingly utilize from this trade's incomes in a justice way.  read more  

  • Why Network Marketing is the best choice

    Have you thought that if you could not go to your workplaces what will happen? Or can you travel for a month's period without having the risk and fear of losing your income and job? Or , unless there is a financial crises, will you have done the same job which now are doing it?   read more
  • Why us 

    Through utilizing from three main factors, Benomax Company has simplifies the work method and success of its members . 
    1. Through utilizing from the experience of sincere persons in networking marketing, useful and strong training system. With full belief in team-worm and group-working, it tries to make proper ground so that sales representatives can succeed in this trading more easily and more rapidly.  read more
  • Why website 

    Nowadays, internet and its uses and implications have become one of the major needs in the life of the individuals and the number of the users are increasing day after day.

    Internet has been a great assistant for people to manage effective and productive communication in a variety of fields, such as learning , trading , social networking and daily worldwide communications.  read more