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Who are our customers ?


Who are our customers?

Website package which is presented by Benomax's Company is one of the most modern, simplest, strongest and most unique systems of running websites, and it responds %90 of demands by world market's customers. This website can offer better as well as unique services to those people who want to utilize from the power of internet and websites.

This product is not only for those who want to open new websites, but it is also very useful for those persons who have websites and can use this product to run their websites with the same name of their own websites or change designs of their own websites. Most of those websites have law quality in terms of beauty, quality, new standards of information technology world, but users of our product can get more beautiful and  newer designs as well as can get  more speed in order to run their website easily and get more utility from it.

This point will make the market of our product's user grow bigger and we can say our product's user will have boundless sales and benefit.

The strong point of our product is that it will be automatically updated according to necessity and modernity in the world of information technology and internet. It has more strong specifications and capacities. Clearly, this product currently is one among the best in the global market, and sales representatives everywhere in the world can promote for and present it easily.

But this product is not proper for creating special websites for example news websites like BBC News or websites like Amazon.com. Since such websites need programmers and special designs. Our product %90 is proper for website creation as well as needs of website owners. 

Customers are divided into two groups:

1- Persons who are only purchasing products like customers.

2- Persons who after purchasing our products and using it, work with the company as sales representatives and products' distributers. 

The second group can utilize from plans and huge incomes which the company devoted for active persons in this section, and everybody can benefit from our bonus plans according to his or her own activities.